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By locals for locals

Showing our favourite independents some love

Local NCL is a casual, old-school corner shop and coffeehouse at 18 Acorn Road in Jesmond, Newcastle.

We’re open from dawn to dusk. We source the very best the North East has to offer and bring it together in one place. We celebrate local and independent and sell everything from freshly ground coffee, sweet treats, bakery goods and fresh produce to scoop ice cream and regionally brewed beers.

Spotlighting the very best of our region in one place

Local NCL is more than just somewhere you can pick up an artisan loaf and farm-fresh eggs. We’re part shop, part coffeehouse and part community hub in equal measure. Everything we stock is created by a skilled person with dreams, not a factory full of machines and production lines. Local NCL the place you can find goods you’ve not seen or tried before and they’re all made in our region.

Check out some of our suppliers here, or better yet come see us in the shop.

Supporting the people on our doorstep

By shopping at Local NCL, you’re contributing to our regional economy and directly helping nearby businesses and families. You’re not funding a fat cat’s bonus. You’re giving a skilled person the chance to make their side hustle or hobby a reality – to see their dream come true.

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