Different types of bread stacked on shelves

There’s so much potential in our little corner of the world.

There are so many amazing independents in our region and we love nothing more than visiting Morwick Dairy for the day or popping to Studio 28 Patisserie for a chocolate fix.

That won’t change.

We’ll still recommend all of our favourite indie places to our customers. Our vision for Local NCL is that we simply bring them all under one roof – so you can pick up the very best of the North East in one place. It’s a convenience thing. As Jesmond residents ourselves, we want to get to know everyone in our neighbourhood. We’re hopeful Local NCL will positively impact our area and serve the community around us.

We're only human.

We’re not perfect.

There definitely will be times when we can’t source certain things we need locally. It’s not ideal but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Just know that our ethos is ‘local first’ and something we really try to stick to.

Scout’s honour.

Barista working on coffee machine
Inside of shop

Our premises have had a turn of fortunes.

Our space was a former betting shop. Local NCL is now the very opposite of all that it once stood for. Instead of taking hard-earned cash from our community, we’re now directly putting money back into the pockets of the locals.

It’s a win-win.

We're not eco-warriors but we are eco conscious.

We try our best to make environmentally friendly choices as much as we can. Because we stock seasonal products that haven’t been imported from thousands of miles away, we use way less packaging. We also made the choice to have commercially compostable takeaway cups. Lids won't come as standard, we will always ask if you want one. And we hate waste, so at the end of each day, what we don’t sell will go to our regular customers as a way of rewarding their loyalty or we’ll be looking to give it to our local food bank and soup kitchen. Got an idea on how we can become more sustainable? Hit us up.

Compostable cups stacked on coffee machine